A portrait should capture the personality of the subject.

If you are a artist, it is exciting to broaden your subject matter to not only complete honest portraits of people but to include all living things.


Among the most handsome are the First People of the Americas. Looking at one's portrait, you get a sense of fearlessness, strength of character, bravery, intelligence -- to mention only a few descriptives.

American Pride, 10x13, pastel

Southern Cheyenne Chief, Wolf Robe, 10x13, pastel

Medicine Man, First People, 10x8, pastel

Fortitude, 10x8, pastel

Focus, 10x13, pastel

It's so delightful that cats are amazingly curious.

They are attracted by anything new or out of the


This little guy was mesmerized by these unidentified

floating objects.

This little girl was very friendly.

She had no problem coming right up to

see what was happening.

Who couldn't love such a face.

The Kiss, 10x13, pastel

Black & White portraits are a lot of fun. Everything is in their eyes.

Dr. Thom, 10 x 13, pastel

Karen, 10 x 13, pastel

Altie, 10 x 13, pastel

Rich, 10 x 13, pastel

Emma, 9 x 11, pastel

Don't you just want to give her a hug.

Whenever I get a chance, I snap photos of

cows -- they have such beautiful faces.

We all remember our first dance.

Thoughts like "Am I pretty enough for

someone to ask me? " or "What if she

turns me down? " ran through our heads.

For this little girl, it was obvious that her

mom, spent a lot of time embroidering

a most beautiful dress, fixing her hair,

braiding the headband, and carefully

attaching the small bouquet of flowers

for this big day.

If I were a little boy, I would have asked

her to dance with me the entire evening.

Her First Dance, 16x16, pastel

American Statesman, 10.5x14, pastel

Our local performing arts center asked artists to create a piece for a

silent auction to raise funds for their activities.

Who could possibly turn down such a request?

To add interest, they assigned a theme and color scheme for each

piece. My assigned theme was Southwest People and the color

scheme: Split Complementary.

This was a joy to complete.

This big kitty was not doing well at the animal shelter.

His best friend was placed in a care center and he lost his home

and family. He now lets us live with him.

He is a big roly-poly who knows several tricks,

like how to ask for food, how to snuggle in bed, how to look

for birds through the window, and how to wake you up early

in the morning.

Birdwatching, 16x20, pastel

Each year the local Art League invites artists

to reproduce an artwork from an old master.

This year I sketched out a 1521 classic

from Albrecht Dürer, Study of St. Jerome.

9x12, Ink, charcoal, pastel