Pen & Ink

A fun way to enjoy your travels and to bring back fond memories is to take along a few permanent black ink pens, a multi-media pad of sketch paper, and a small watercolor set w/ brush.

Sit back at a lovely outside table at a French or Greek cafe and sketch the view. Be aware that you will, no doubt, draw a crowd of people to view your art and probably get into a conversation -- maybe you might gain a friend or two. You may even be offered a free drink by the manager because you are attracting customers to the cafe.

Below are a few sketches that only took a short time to complete.

Because the ink dries rather quickly, it is fun to add a little bit of color to remember a great time.

The sketches below do not have titles but they bring back wonderful memories.

Begin with an ink sketch, then add color -->

Windows can be beautiful

Only a few people are up if you sketch early

Catch a dancer in the street.

A local pet.

Doors can be enchanting

So don't forget to take along your sketch pad and a few ink pens.

Have fun!