Rich Metcalf Studio of Fine Art

Welcome. Please come in to my studio and take a peek at my paintings.

I hope you enjoy them.

Oil painting has been my love my entire life. The subjects that pique my interest are horses, landscapes, and portraits, both “en plein air” and “en my studio.” Having moved from New England to the American Southwest, I am now surrounded by enormous mountains coupled with deserts, western flora, and a pure light that results from the lack of pollution. This pure light allows colors to blossom in hues that are found nowhere else. It is a joy to set up my easel and be surrounded by a circus of color -- my studio is where ever I set my easel and pull out my palette.

Growing up with American impressionist paintings in our home, I have always been in awe of them and love painting in that style. Now living in Arizona, I'm captivated by the strength and character of the rugged landscape and the spirit and beauty of horses. In my portraits, I want to capture the personality of the subject.